3-12 Pack Handi Gas Lighter BBQ Kitchen Stove Fireplace Grill Long Lighters New


Pack Size: 3 Pack
Sale price$ 9.49


Choose between 3 pack and 12 pack
Fluid Included

The multi-purpose lighter no one should be without.. Whether you're heading to a sporting event, camping in the mountains or grilling at home, this Multi-Purpose Lighter is an essential tool. Its long, durable metal wand is ideal for grills, fire pits, lanterns and candles.

It is a long lasting flame. Longer wand keeps hands safe from fire.
The Multi-Purpose Lighter also comes with a visible fuel supply window. Put an end to burning your fingers!
Refillable butane lighters are perfect for lighting candles, fireplaces, and grills... and the long-reach barrel keeps your hands away from the flame.
Plus, each has a lever to adjust the flame, a large fuel capacity, and a fuel-level viewing window.
The essential tool for indoor/outdoor lighting needs. Designed to conveniently light fireplaces, candles, barbecues and more.

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