3W Mini Headlight 360 Rotating LED Headlamp Home Flashlight Lamp Head Torch Camping

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Sometimes you just don't have enough hands. If you've ever changed a tire in the dark, struggled to repair a leaky pipe deep in a cramped cabinet, or had to take your dog out for a last-minute walk before bed, then you know how hard it is to hold a flashlight and get stuff done. Not only is it ultra-bright, but it's a comfortable, easy-to-wear design. It will quickly become your go-to tool whether you're working around the house or out for a late-night hike. 

  • 3 Settings: High beam, low beam, and flashing beam. Easily change between them with a single switch. Lamp swivels down 360 degrees. 
  • Ultra Lightweight, Non-Bobbing: You get long-lasting comfort that is ideal for DIYers, handymen, mechanics, runners and others.
  • Our Hands free 1 COB LED headlamp provides a strong, clean lighting.
  • Adjustable strap fits adults or children. Feel safer letting your kids play outside after dark. 


Product parameters:

  • Weight: 49g
  • Lamp: 1*COB LED
  • Material: PVC
  • Stalls: 3 files
  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries(not included)




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