4-12 Pack camouflage Double Sided Bandana 100% COTTON Handkerchief Head Wrap

SKU: 1108-BAN-CAMO-4

Pack Size: 4
Sale price$ 9.49


Bandanas Head Scarf Soft Cotton Bandanna Face Neck Cover Headwraps 22" x 22", 4 Pack - The standard 22" bananas size allows you to easily fold these in a variety of ways. They will fit over most heads and will definitely provide face and neck protection. You can wear these bandanas as a headwrap, doo rag style, neck cover, sweatband, arm band, hair cover or face wrap. Use it to clean, or carry it around in your car as a rag. You will love the variety of bandanas we offer as each selection offers 4 different styles of bandanas. These bandanas can be utilized in many ways and every single day by almost anyone so definitely make sure you will have enough. Whether you are looking to block the sun on a hot day, or a bandana face wrap for a dog, you can tie these in so many ways. Essential items for almost any camping, hunting enthusiast and a absolute must have. Bandanas are made from 100% cotton which are subject to shrinking. Do not machine wash. Hand wash. Colors may run slightly when washing from the dye of the material. Material will hold colors for a long time if washed carefully and properly.

4 Pack 1 of each color
8 Pack 2 of each color
12 Pack 3 of each color

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