450-900 Disposable Double tips Cotton Swab Applicator Q-tip Swabs 3"


Pack Size: 450 Pcs
Sale price$ 8.49


Cotton Swabs Double Tipped Applicator q Tip Clean Ear Wax Makeup Remover !!

All Pure Cotton Swab Pack features double-tipped swabs with 100% cotton ends.
These flexible swabs are ideal for applying ointments to wounds or brushing on liquids and gels to the skin. You can also use them to remove nail polish and makeup.
These white double tipped swabs are made of 100% cotton. Each swab measures: 3" long approx.

* Each swab is 3" long
* Plastic sticks with double tipped %100 cotton tips
* Perfect to clean ears, remove nail polish, remove or apply makeup and much more
* Makes your makeup application easier
* First aids
* Multipurpose

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