6-12 Lot Of Sun Neck Protector Hiking Army Military Snap Brim Cap With Ear and Neck Flap Hat


Color: Black
Pack Size: 6 Pack
Sale price$ 40.84


Any outdoorsman will tell you a badly sunburned neck makes you feel like your head is on fire any time you so much as move. Well, be troubled no more by the sun's ultraviolet assault on your brain holder. This baseball cap with neck cover is the savior of anyone who enjoys the fresh air of the outdoors, whether it be fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, and anything else you can do under the sun. Does your job have you working outdoors? You wont have to slather sunscreen on your head this this cap. Ears getting burned on the beach? Take this cap with you and use it as a tent for your head while you take a nap by the sounds of the waves crashing ashore.

Yes, love the sun and its life giving rays. Just don't love it too much or else you'll be wide-eyed in bed wondering if you can go somewhere to buy new skin.

65% Polyester & 35% Cotton- Lightweight cap.

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