8 X 12 Inches For Sale Sign Plastic Coated Self-Adhesive Window Peal Sticker with A Space to Hand Write- 4Pack


Sale price$ 7.59


✓ Super easy installation. Our high-performance Stickers are long-lasting and resistant to weather, abrasion, and wear, indoor OR Outdoor use. They also stretch and conform easily and remove cleanly without adhesive residue. Use a Permanent Marker and Write Your Contact Information in the Open White Space.

✓ Perfect for those looking to sell their car or other vehicles. This For Sale Sign is made with bendable plastic that's easy to fit onto car windows. These Signs Hold Up to Rain, Wind, Even Snow and Grab Attention from Multiple Directions.

✓Specification: Durable plastic, weatherproof, Bright and highly visible, 8" X 12" (FOR SALE) SIGN is Perfect for those looking to sell their car or other vehicles. This 8" x 12" (For Sale) Sign is made with bendable plastic and is easy to see.

✓ Quality: Our long lasting corrugated plastic real estate (for sale) signs are water resistant, wind resistant, UV resistant, tear resistant and can be easily, stored, and reused! Our sturdy bundle signs are easy to use with an eye-catching design made with solid Plastic.

✓ Design: Each design has (for sale) and space for extra information. Big enough for easy to read descriptions, so that your sign gets noticed and your car, home gets sold. Ideal for advertising Autos, Campers, Boats, Trucks, Houses and Anything Else You Want to Sell.

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