B.U.M Women's 20 Pairs of Basic Colors & Comfortable Lightweight Breathable Low Cut/No Show Socks

SKU: 1102-BUM-20PK-1

Pack Size: 20 Pairs
Sale price$ 17.05


8x Black Pairs
8x White Pairs
4x Gray Pairs

COMFORTABLE SOCKS FOR WOMEN - B.U.M. makes basic, solid colored socks These colorful no-show socks are sized specifically for women, with a sock size of 9 to 11. They have a comfortable fit that corresponds with women's shoe sizes ranging from 5 to 9. B.U.M. socks will feel great on your feet, and they'll look great too.
GREAT FOR ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES - These low cut no-show socks don't rise above your shoes, so they're great for running and other physical activities. Since they don't cover any part of your calf like crew socks do, they prevent you from getting too warm while working out. Because of their no-show design, these socks are also great for casual wear and everyday occasions.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - B.U.M. uses high-quality fabric to make high-quality socks. They're made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This polyester-spandex blend makes the socks suitable for a variety of lifestyles. They can be worn in the office, in the gym, or out on the town. Whether you want to relax at home or go running at the gym, these cozy socks will meet your needs.

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