Bicycle Cable Lock Bike Lock Heavy Duty 80mm x 120mm Anti Theft with keys Black


Sale price$ 12.34



This cable and hose products are non-toxic, odorless harmless PVC materials, compliance with EU environmental standards and testing requirements. Plastic shell made of high quality ABS material, no cracking at low temperatures at 40 degrees Celsius environment without deformation. Durable, super anti-cut, trustworthy; with abrasive resistance copper keys, easier to use.
This steel cable bike lock provides quick and easy security for cyclists.
It features a steel cable internal outer layer of non-slip loop shaped securing material.
Lightweight and portable, this lock can easily be stored in your bag while on the go.

Suitable for bicycles, motorbikes, carriages, scooters, mopeds and prams
Locking weather protection to prevent the lock from rusting or freezing


Current size:12*1200MM with bracket Key for straight plate Weight:0.27KG Material: steel wire rope internal and external anti-slip ring-shaped fixing material

Package Included:

1*Bicycle lock 1*Stand 2*Key

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