Encust Shell Holster Slim Black Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8 Phone with Kick-Stand & Belt Clip Holster (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint)

SKU: 535_Combocase_S8+

Model: Samsung S8+
Sale price$ 4.74


Never worry about breaking your phone from fall damage ever again! This hardy Encust shell case will keep it safe and sound.
  • This case makes it easy to grip your phone, with a rubberized texture.
  • You can enjoy hands-free viewing with the built-in kickstand that allows your phone to stand in vertical and horizontal position.
  • Your phone will remain sturdily locked in place, due to the swiveling holster clip and locking mechanism.
Dropping your phone, only to pick it up and see its newly cracked screen is one of life’s exquisite pains. Avoid that grim fate with this Slim Black Shell Holster Case by Encust, compatible with Galaxy S7 and S8 phones. This hardy case will protect your phone effectively, and has quality of life features such as a rubberized texture for easy grip, and a handy kickstand. Phones are expensive — you won’t regret investing in this affordable Encust case.

  • Compatible with all Galaxy S7/S8 versions over all carriers
  • Two-piece shell design that keeps both front and back of phone protected
  • Includes belt holster
(Encust products are selectively backed by a 1 year or lifetime warranty. Visit ENCUST.COM (http://encust.com) to sign up, and learn more!)

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