Magnetic Dry Erase Classroom Double Sided Personal Whiteboard for Students Teachers ETC


Size: Mini
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DOUBLE SIDED MAGNETIC WHITEBOARD - Write, draw, scribble and doodle on 2 easy to erase surfaces. The silky smooth magnetic surfaces enhance writing experience, allowing fluid writing.
LIGHTWEIGHT DRY ERASE BOARD MAGNETIC - Made from aluminum alloy, the small white board is light, portable and solidly built. Its dimensions make it possible to be taken to the office for offline team meetings for idea generation, and being light makes it suitable for children to carry to their art stations and draw out their priceless and timeless masterpieces.
SUITABLE FOR ALL AGE GROUP - From imaginative young children to aspiring young adults, this double sided whiteboard allows for clear thought organization. Whether it's during a child and parent bonding time, drawing on either sides of the drawing board, or for a young child to expand their imaginary prowess, and even to working adults drawing up ideas for a business proposal, the mini whiteboard will be an essential tool to drive ideas towards creation.
COMPLIMENTARY MARKERS, ERASERS AND MAGNETS - All items are able to stick onto the smooth magnetic surfaces, preventing them all from being misplaced. A great homeschool supplies.

Chose between mini with is 10 x 14
small with is 12 x 16

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