Sole Trends 4-Pack Men's Insulated Thermal Heat Zone Extra Thick Yarn 2.3 TOG Rated Socks

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Buyer will receive 4 PAIRS (use drop-boxes to choose COLOR/STYLE)!

The heat zone socks! Rated up to -25/-13f degrees Celsius, so your feet remain warm and toasty! Wear a single pair, or layer up for max warmth and comfort!

TOG RATING is the unit used to measure the potential warmth of a product. The higher the rating, the warmer the product; these thermal socks achieve a rating of 2.3 compared to a 1.0 rating for a regular thermal sock.


High bulk yarn - this special acrylic yarn gives high thermal capacity and at the same time keeping the socks light weight.

Thick cushioning - Our special knitting method creates a much thicker cushion which increases heat retention and adds comfort.

Maximum heat - Using our special knitting method and high bulk yarn allows these socks to keep your feet warm for a much longer period.



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