Speed Rubix Cube 3x3 Smooth Turning Magic Cube 3x3x3 Brain Teaser Puzzle Cube Sticker (2.2 inches)

SKU: 1444-CUBE-1Pack

Pack Size: 1 Pack
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BUILDING TOY - increase your kid's intelligence and problem-solving genius one turn at a time with our Magic Cube. Feeling a little stressed after a hard day at work? Give your mind a little challenge and release the pressure. Help your elderly parents or relatives keep their memory sharp with a fun, and timeless game. This magic cube gets you, your family, and your friends keep sharp!

GREAT CORNER CUTTING - get going at the speed of thought with a magic cube that is tensionable and has no stalling corners. Test your mental elasticity via a smooth, standard magic cube. And if you believe in yourself that much, organize competitions with family members, friends or colleagues. Or just take it to the next level and compete with other top players internationally.

SUPER ELEGANT - ditch those messy, low-level toys and set yourself up with a super elegant IQ magic cube that looks great in your home, office or car. Put yourself up for the challenge any day with this internationally-recognized 6-color ABS cube that's safe, reliable, lightweight, and comfortable.

EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA - looking for a fascinating gift idea to give to your kids, family members, colleagues or that smart friend? Get the 3x3 magic cube and offer them the classic challenge puzzle game that will never go out of style. Or order this magic cube and add it to your personal library of challenging puzzle games.

Specification :
·Ground Color: Black
·Weight: 80g
·Size: 56mm x 56mm x 56 mm
·Level: 3x3x3
·Package Included: 1 x Speed Cube, 1 x English Operating Direction

Choose between 1 pack and 2 pack.

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