Sport World Blue Unisex Winter Fleece Gloves With Strap Assorted Color 3-Pack

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Keep warm in moderately cold winter for men and women, the gloves made from polar fleece, not only offer your hands warmth and softness, but also protect your hands from cold wind and low temperature down to 20°F. Adjustable wrist. Snug wrist fit. Soft exterior. Machine wash with dark colors.

3-Pack Assorted colors. **Colors chosen at random from warehouse**


  •  **3-Pack assorted colors chosen at random from warehouse**
  • The nylon hook and loop wrists of these cold weather gloves allow you to keep the cuff closed around your skin, keeping the cold wind out. 
  • Classical Style for men and women - Flexible five fingers and light weight make you thermal and easy to do some sports or chores in winter of not bad cold weather. 

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