Women's Thick Winter Thermal Wool Blend Knee High Socks, Size 9-11

SKU: 665KneeWool-FREE-4

Color: Random Colors
How many pairs?: 4 Pairs
Sale price$ 20.89


These thick wool knee-socks are perfect if you’re wanting to feel cute, warm, and comfortable!

  • These wool-blend socks feature Duo Dry technology that helps with moisture, keeping your feet nice and dry.
  • The socks ship with multiple colors and textures, allowing them to be complementary to multiple styles.
  • The wool allows these socks to be warm without getting too hot, making them effective in the Spring, Fall, and Winter!

Sometimes you just need to wear a pair of cozy long socks. These thick wool knee socks are perfect for that occasion; they will keep your feet dry, your legs warm, and they’re incredibly stylish, versatile enough to work in all kinds of different looks. You can buy these socks in two pairs or four, and we provide the option of choosing your own color or being surprised with a random selection. No matter how you order them, you can’t go wrong with these wonderful socks!


  • Size: Women's size 9-11 (fits shoe size 5-9)
  • Material: 32% Wool, 40% Polyester, 16% Acrylic, 6% Cotton, 6% Other fabrics
  • Available in Blue, White, Dark Gray, Gray, and Beige

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